Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Fire Safety Systems from Siemens provide unbeatable accuracy, state of the art functionality and ease-of-use for building personnel, installers, and firefighters. All the features that make it so simple to handle are designed to reduce costs over the life of the system. From its flexible architecture, to its time-and-money-saving installation features, large screen with unrivaled safety and maintenance capabilities. Siemens intelligent fire detection systems and fire alarm systems eliminate the guesswork by using the...


Siemens Best Overall Performance Metro - East 2019

PyroSignal Suppression Inc. continues to lead the pack as this year's best overall performer in the Metropolitan - East Division. Our organization received the award at the 2019 Siemens Partners Solution Summit. We are proud of our consistent performance and hope to continue delivering excellent and robust services to our clients.   Most of all, we would like to thank our clients for their continued support and recognition of our...


PyroSignal & Suppression: Largest distributor on East Coast

PyroSignal continues to strive ahead, becoming the largest distributor of Siemens equipment on the east coast, ranking 3rd in Siemens annual awards ceremony for Distributor of the year. In addition, PyroSignal has continued to maintain its Platinum Distributor status since 1986 and maintains it's reputation as one of Siemens largest sellers in the United States. Our success can be attributed to our company knowledge, hardworking employee's and our customized suite...


Siemens Distributor of the Year 2019

PyroSignal Suppression, Inc. has been a top distributor of Pyrotronics, Cerberus-Pyrotronics and most recently Siemens. We were awarded their Distributor of the Year award in 2019. We have been rewarded with and strive to maintain an excellent reputation for providing the highest level of products, engineering, design, and service possible. We are determined to continue to enhance all aspects of our operations, and work very hard to compete in...


Engineering: Draft Mockups

As a leading source for total life safety and fire protection systems, PyroSignal services all Siemens and third-party fire alarm systems to keep your facility code compliant and the occupants of your buildings safe. Our Advantage Services™ portfolio for fire safety systems is designed to ensure reliable operation while reducing false alarms and avoiding costly repairs.


Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Safety Systems are integral to all commercial and many residential properties. Aside from being code required, they are instrumental in the safety of millions of people every day. PyroSignal through our use of the Siemens products provides unbeatable quality and operational accuracy. Our experience with the various types of systems is what separates PyroSignal from many other fire protection concerns. We endeavor to provide systems based on the ease-of-use for building personnel, installers,...


Fire Extinguisher Components

Pyrosignal Fire Extinguisher Components Pyrosignal Suppression Delivers the sense of well being associated with the provision of fire extinguishers when our costumers require them. Through our relationship with a major Fire Extinguishing sales and service company, we can offer especially competitive Fire Extinguisher pricing and service rates to the market almost any type of Fire Extinguisher. Extinguisher Components Listing ABC Multipurpose Extinguishers BC Dry Chemical Extinguishers Water Pressure Extinguishers Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers Class 'K'...


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