PyroSignal is determined to provide absolute peace of mind and confidence in your life safety systems. To that end we offer the end to end solution for all of our clients. This includes the design, engineering, installation, filing and approvals for all fire alarm, communication and fire suppression systems. This allows our clients to breathe easier knowing that their  systems can be walked through the design and implementation process with the knowledge of experience behind the product.

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in manufacturing of life safety systems. We are the top distributor for them in the entire North east area of the United States and on several occasions, the entire world.

Absolute peace of mind and confidence in your life safety system

PyroSignal & Suppression, Inc. is the leader in installing and servicing of these life safety systems. Our service offerings are designed to:

As your service partner, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our expert technicians will ensure proper operation of your life safety system, no matter what type or brand of system, and give you the assurance that it will work when you need it most.

Additionally, we offer services for all Siemens and Non-Siemens Life Safety Equipment including:

       *   Kitchen Suppression Systems 

       *  Waterless Fire Suppression Systems

      *  Fire Pump Equipment Testing

      *  Standpipe Testing

      * Wet Pipe Sprinkler Testing 

The operation of our ServiceView™ technology was thought of and its design contemplated with the design of our back office software applications. The completion of our back office applications are now capable of providing web based services to our clients. The system provides real time access to one's records for immediate updates as to the status of the systems which we have under contract. The call information portal will be being offered to all of our client's and our enhanced services has been reduced to $40.00 per system covered, which is minimal in comparison to the time which it will save our clients in allowing immediate full time access to your inspection reports, work tickets, and the online placement of service calls.

Please feel free to contact us about adding ServiceView™ to your service contract package