"Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching."

C.S. Lewis


Corporate Mission Statement


PyroSignal & Suppression Inc. was founded to provide knowledge and expertise of Fire Protection, Suppression and Communication system designs and standards, to our customers to meet their needs, and that of the local authorities. It is our goal to establish a personal relationship with every customer and deliver to them a clear understanding of their options at all times, which will lead to a successful business venture for both parties. To that end, the information which is provided to the customer is intended to allow them to make the best and most informed decisions as to what is in their best interest, meets their needs and complies with the code.


Corporate knowledge of products, codes and standards as well as applicable technology places us in an enviable position, to provide to our users the same level of performance as we would expect and desire from those with whom we work with in our own personal business dealings. It is our desire to keep expanding that knowledge and our business offerings at all times to deliver the best products and services to our clientele throughout the relationship.


The attitude at PyroSignal & Suppression, Inc. is one in which the customer must always come first. The satisfaction of each and every one of our customers will not only result in the strength of each of those individual relationships, and in the long run result in the success of the company and each of our employees. A customer may not always demonstrate their satisfaction, but will always recognize the level of effort put forth, and their satisfaction will result in a successful business for all of us.


We must apply these elements to our business dealings on a day to day basis, so as to insure the protection of our customers, which will result in the success of the members of our team individually and collectively. 




Our Mission Statement



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