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Fire Safety Systems are integral to all commercial and many residential properties. Aside from being code required, they are instrumental in the safety of millions of people every day. PyroSignal through our use of the Siemens products provides unbeatable quality and operational accuracy. Our experience with the various types of systems is what separates PyroSignal from many other fire protection concerns. We endeavor to provide systems based on the ease-of-use for building personnel, installers, and firefighters. Systems are designed to produce desired operational characteristics such as fan shutdown, waterflow monitoring, purge operations, suppression activation as well as many other specialized operations. All the features that make it simple to operate make it easier to use, and easier to gain governmental and AHJ approvals. The flexible architecture, fast implementation allows the saving of the time-and-money while delivering unique features such as false alarm protection, large screen with unrivaled safety and maintenance capabilities.

Siemens intelligent fire detection systems use fire technology which identifies the footprint or signature of a fire, thereby virtually eliminating false smoke alarms.



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