PyroSignal & Suppression: Largest distributor on East Coast

PyroSignal continues to strive ahead, becoming the largest distributor of Siemens equipment on the east coast, ranking 3rd in Siemens annual awards ceremony for Distributor of the year. In addition, PyroSignal has continued to maintain its Platinum Distributor status since 1986 and maintains it's reputation as one of Siemens largest sellers in the United States. Our success can be attributed to our company knowledge, hardworking employee's and our customized suite of software applications known as the T-Rex Universal Business Browser developed by XLNT Software Solutions Inc.

PyroSignal & Suppression, Inc. has been a top distributor and won several distributor of the year awards since 1994. Our company has been awarded numerous silver, gold and the coveted Platinum Distributor Award in 1994, 1996, 1997, 2009 and 2019. We continue to look for more ways to provide better services to our costumers and provide the best products in the industry.